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Alemayehu Assefa

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Message from Mayor of Bishoftu City Administration

Dear Residents and Readers of this bulletin This Socio-Economic profile bulletin provides our city statistical data and information which assist in planning, budgeting and estimating the future of the city developments. In most approach the formulation of the city’s bulletin as a stranger looking that is exactly wherewe find ourselves at this moment with respect to the goal of a city socio-ecconomicprofile; however is to look at cities from the inside out.Bishoftu city is showing improvement in every sector and currently practicing prosperity plan for the next ten year that will benefit our community in every direction by providing necessary data and information. It is known that our city profile comprise the information on demography, topography, education, health, trade, development investment flow, industries, tourism, housing developments, Municipal services , revenue and the likes. I prove that the data and information in this publication will assist government and NGOs to involve in development activities FurthermoreI want to inform you that our city is working strategically to enhance and build prosperity among our community. We are striving very hard to fulfill the desire of our community through improved service giving, provision of basic infrastructure, good governance and democracy. Finally, On behalf of me and the city Administration, I would like to invite warmly our investors to participate at every investment corridor in which you decided to work on. If you choose Bishoftu city and come to do so we are ready to respond our esteemed investors immediately on a time.

Thank You,

Alemayehu Assefa

Mayor of Bishoftu City Administration

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